Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact Mitig8 for a consultation. Our experts will review your facility’s needs and provide you will a comprehensive 360-degree plan to determine how Mitig8 can help you obtain your goals.
Mitig8 will partner with your facility to identify, quantify, and reduce your risk. We offer tailored solutions that will help you to mitigate claims, lower premiums, and increase savings.
Mitg8 offers a 360 degree risk management program. This service includes educating your staff. We teach your leadership and staff best practices for defensible documentation and event reporting. Your staff will learn how to respond to incidents and adverse events, from providing immediate care to proper documentation. We teach your leadership how to conduct a root cause analysis as part of their investigation and action planning processes.
Partner with Mitig8 to help your facility prepare for surveys. Our experts will facilitate a mock survey of your facility, focusing on high-risk areas and quality measures to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. We take a comprehensive approach in helping guide your team to establish and maintain a state of survey readiness.
Contact Mitg8 for expert help. Our Legal Nurse Consultants will conduct a comprehensive medical record review to help you prepare your defense. Our experts have decades of experience with skilled nursing facilities will aid in the defensibility of the case.
Consult with Mitg8 to complete a comprehensive review of your facility’s policies and procedures. Our experts will ensure that your policies and procedures are up-to-date, comply with regulations, and are being followed by all staff.

Mitg8 will help your facility with rapid response. Our experts will provide you with immediate consultation. We will guide you through all aspects of your facility’s response, from investigating to defensible documentation of the incident.